Just ahead of this year’s E3, we put together a magazine-style package on various virtual reality developers and games. The idea here started as an attempt to find “the first great VR game,” since we’d seen so many tech demos and pieces of things, but weren’t sure what the first big game would be. Then that changed a bit as time went on, since we wanted to cover a few things that weren’t games and we didn’t want to call it that and ask developers for exclusive assets at that same time. So we called it “The race for VR.”

We also made a game for it! I’ve been wanting to try developing minigames related to articles for a while, and made a first attempt here with indie dev Nicky Case doing all the real work. It’s a silly little thing based around a literal “race for VR.” The concept changed a bunch between idea and final product, so I felt like I was living a Gamasutra postmortem, getting a sliver of a taste of what game development is like. But I’m pretty happy with the results as a first attempt.