I’ve always liked magazine theme issues — how Esquire does its Meaning of Life installments, or Vanity Fair’s and GQ’s comedy issues, or EDGE’s, EGM’s, and Hyper’s Japan issues. So when I had a chance to organize an issue of 1UP’s short-lived print magazine, I stole that idea. I had a few concepts floating around — one was going to be a puzzle issue with a blue screen from The Witness on the front cover and the solution on the back. I ended up with a sketch theme, where I crammed in sketches in place of game art, renders, etc. wherever it made sense. Then it got really fun when we hired an artist to draw cover images for each story, synced up a Fumito Ueda sketch to tie-in with the cover story, had a bunch of industry artists sketch characters for a charity auction, and got Minority Media to create a sketch flipbook of the two main characters from Papo & Yo.